Time for Monaco!

It’s that time of year again when the principality of Monaco welcomes the motorsport circus to town and this year Carlin are extremely excited to have three of our teams out competing against the glamorous backdrop this weekend.

Not only have our GP2 and Formula Renault 3.5 teams been zipping their way through the tight street circuit but new for this year the GP3 team have joined them – which means a grand total of seven Carlin men out on track this weekend. What a lot of racing to keep track of!

Spread over four days the Carlin teams will be out on track 11 times; three free practice sessions to learn the track, three separate qualifying sessions and a total of five races – that’s a lot of on-track action for any of you who are heading over to witness one of the glitziest race weekends on the calendar!

And so we hit the track for the first time, bright and early at 08.30 yesterday, as our World Series boys, Kevin and Will, had their first taste of the famous circuit. The GP2 and GP3 teams made their way out a little later on for their first sessions – and took to the streets once again today.

Tomorrow the Carlin teams are out for Formula Renault 3.5 qualifying in the morning, while the afternoon will see the second races of the GP2 and GP3 programme.

Back at base it’s been a busy few weeks as always for the entire team. The British Formula Three team has hardly been around the workshop recently as they attend races and tests. In fact the workshop was completely empty just a few short weeks ago as every team was out on the road. Eerie when you’re used to the sound of a roaring engine echoing through the factory.

And so from a quiet factory in Farnham and a busy paddock in Monte Carlo we’ll leave you to the delights of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend – enjoy.


About Carlin

We are a GP2, GP3, British F3 and Formula Reanult 3.5 race team.
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