Settling in nicely

Good news everyone… the pot plants are still alive! But more importantly we’re settling in to the new home quite well. We’ve only discovered one issue so far – the place is quite big so we struggle trying to find who we’re looking for! A tannoy system is definitely needed, or just a team megaphone to pass messages on.


Carlos chats to his engineer

So what have we been up to this week? More testing, the F3 team have been at Rockingham and are heading to Silverstone at the end of this week. We’re also testing in Barcelona with our GP3 team and there’s a one day World Series test at Motorland this week too. In fact, we’ve just taken a look at our calendar heading into the remainder of the year and we’re struggling to find a date when every team is around for the Christmas party!

In Barcelona we’ve had Carlos Huertas and Nicolas Costa testing the GP3 machinery, both drivers performed brilliantly for us. During the first day Carlos was in the top 3 consistently while Costa set some great times considering his lack of experience.

F3 testing also went well this week, and we’re looking forward to a very productive one day test in Motorland with the World Series team.

Elsewhere we’re gearing up for our final races of the season, things are beginning to move very quickly now. The GP2 race in Abu Dhabi is fast approaching as is the infamous Macau Grand Prix – for which we’ve already announced our four driver strong line-up of Felipe Nasr, Kevin Magnussen, Carlos Huertas and Jazeman Jaafar.

The British F3 lads pick up their awards

It was also the SRO awards on the weekend where Felipe, Kevin and Carlos picked up their awards from the British F3 series and didn’t they look great? Although this picture was taken before the wigs and Nigel Mansell moustache made an appearance! A great night was had by everybody – roll on next season!

The costumes come out!


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We are a GP2, GP3, British F3 and Formula Reanult 3.5 race team.
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