Air(not so)Soft

Air soft. Two words that immediately make you think of a soft object flying through nicely the air. How wrong were we?!

It was Carlin’s team building day yesterday and in an effort to get everyone doing something really energetic we decided Air soft was the way forward. For those of you who have never heard of this, it’s like paintballing but with bb guns. Apparently this was supposed to make it less painful, yeah right.

To be honest we should have got the message when we walked in the building to see a sign above the door which read ‘The pain centre’, but we carried on fearless. We should probably explain right now that this wasn’t an outside game; this was close quarter combat in an abandoned TB hospital. The safety briefing was a tad scary… but still we continued on to grab our masks and guns.

Many of the team had turned up wearing shorts and t-shits, despite being told that layers were the way forward. But that’s ok, we thought, it should only sting as much as being hit by an elastic band. Or so we thought.

Entering the game zone and it soon became obvious that it was a lot more painful than anticipated. Carlin were split into two teams and told to attack and defend the hospital. Within minutes the yelps of those who had been shot began ringing through the corridors!

But the Carlin teams were absolutely incredible! They were charging through stairwells, hiding behind desks and even throwing grenades at their competitors. A few games later and the injuries became clear!! Those who had worn only t-shirts were covered in welts and bruises, we even had a couple of face cuts! Thankfully they still had a smile of their faces though. If you see us at Silverstone or Barcelona looking a little worse for wear, you know why!!

Which bring us to another couple of extremely important events we really should mention. This weekend is the finale of both the British Formula Three Championship and the Formula Renault 3.5 Series. Felipe Nasr has won the British F3 title already however the fight for second and third in the championship is well and truly on.

In F3.5 Carlin has won the teams title – we secured that a couple of race weekends ago however there are only two drivers who can win the title and they are separated by just two points. It just so happens that those two drivers are Carlin’s Robert Wickens and Jean-Eric Vergne.

This weekend is going to be very interesting. See you there!

By the way… you can see all of our photos from our team day here –



About Carlin

We are a GP2, GP3, British F3 and Formula Reanult 3.5 race team.
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