Packing, packing and more packing

Can you guess what we’ve been up to this week? Yes, packing! We’re moving out of our factory at the end of this week and as a result most of us have become pretty proficient packers – and luckily for us having four race teams means a lot of muscle to do the heavy lifting!

The start of the week was as normal as ever can be for Carlin, we were out inMonzafor the finale of the GP2 and the GP3 Series. It’s always sad to see the season coming to an end however both series put on an excellent party on Sunday evening to say goodbye to the year! You can see a huge selection of pictures on their websites. The racing wasn’t quite as successful as it has been previously in the year however we can be extremely proud of our drivers, mechanics, engineers and team managers.

Relative calm descended on the factory before everything kicked off again. But this time it wasn’t anything to do with racing – we had to ship out of Aldershot. Our new factory is coming along nicely and our time here has come to an end.

Everybody got stuck in – even Trevor. Although we think he may have slightly misunderstood how you take a table apart!

But back to the racing… we’re off to Paul Ricard this weekend for Formula Renault 3.5 Series, we’ve already won the team championship and our two drivers Robert Wickens and Jean-Eric Vergne are 1-2 in the championship. It’s definitely a nice position to be in.

Keep an eye on our twitter feed over the weekend because the gloves are off and you’re likely to witness some stunning racing as they battle for the championship.

It’s probably time to stop writing now… I think the fact that the tables are in pieces and this is pretty much being written on the floor is a good cue to go.


About Carlin

We are a GP2, GP3, British F3 and Formula Reanult 3.5 race team.
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