Welcome to the first Carlin blog!

So what have we been up to this week? As you can probably guess the week got off to a great start for us. Sunday night was spent celebrating Felipe’s British Formula Three championship win which he brilliantly clinched at Rockingham. Felipe was on great form at the restaurant and after some encouragement from his engineers he gave the speech to 35 very happy team members!

However with so many teams under one roof thoughts soon turned to the GP2 and GP3 teams who are over inMonzafor the season finale. Both championships have gone pretty well for us. GP3 is hugely competitive; there are 30 cars on track so the lap timings can be separated by barely anything. Conor has stood out this season as a great overtaker, very often making his way through the field in mixed weather conditions.

The GP2 series has been a new experience for us. It’s only our first year competing in the
prestigious Formula 1 feeder series but we’re pleased with our season. To mark the end of the GP2 year our lads, as well as the rest of the paddock, donned their kit and headed to the pitch to do their best Rooney impressions. While the mid-match ‘light refreshments’ may not have helped we still made it through to the semi-final. Pretty impressive considering half our team hadn’t arrived in the country yet and we had to borrow players from elsewhere!

Back at base we’re getting ready to move into our new factory, there are no cars around or trophies lining the walls. However soon enough we’ll be in a shiny new building which has been purpose built for us – to say we’re a little bit excited is a huge understatement! We’ll post some pictures on here very shortly to make sure you’re kept in the loop. But for now it’s time for us to sign off and get on with the racing, wish us luck inMonza!


About Carlin

We are a GP2, GP3, British F3 and Formula Reanult 3.5 race team.
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